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AVENUES 9.4 Update

AVENUES 9.4 new features and functions:

Request for Emergency Access function - allows user to request 24 hour access to a record outside their rights configuration.

Bar code and scan document function - this feature now allows you to scan bar coded documents in one batch and the system will burst the PDF records into separate documents and attach to the client's record. This feature has a small licensing fee. Please contact support if you wish to implement this function.

Authorization for release of information system - new dashboard for coordinating receipt and revocations of release authorizations.

Web Consent forms - This new form allows you to create web forms that autofills known client information and allows the client to complete the remaining input items. These forms also allow client and staff/witness signatures. You can use our new HTML web builder or use your own, favorite web form builder.

Updated Foster Care forms - including tracking foster family application/licensing process and an updated expense voucher.

Updated dashboards for Admissions Dashboard, Monthly expected discharge dashboard, whiteboard (room and board assignment)

New Clinical Decision support dashboard - wizard based alert builder allowing you to develop alerts based on client location, program, age, gender, medication allergy, communication method, ethnicity, race, religion, marital status, language, bmi, BP-Systolic, BP-Diastolic, glucose, pain, medication list, problem/diagnosis list and services received.

Updated Client Console - new reporting function options, clinical decision support functions and reconciliation function for summary of care records.

New 270/271 eligibility tracking dashboard. Please be sure to enroll in your state's or funding source 270/271 transaction processing to begin using this dashboard.

Please see release notes for more details of other functions and issue corrections.

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