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Company Info:

Angel Systems, Inc. is an innovative company focused on helping behavioral healthcare organizations worldwide provide quality care in the most cost-effective manner possible. In today's economic world, organizations need their applications to do more for them. Behavioral healthcare organizations use our comprehensive software solutions and services to improve patient care and reduce the cost and variability of care, and also to better manage their revenue stream and resources.

Our Past:

Angel Systems, Inc. was formed in 2001 with a vision to build flexible and robust applications for Behavioral Healthcare facilities. Even though numerous CPR software applications are available, we believe the inherent limitations and inflexibility of these products result in incomplete solutions. Consequently we strived to make our product solution more efficient, responsive, and cost-effective. Our first product, AVENUES, focuses on a flexible system approach which brings this vision to reality. We believe that no other application provides the unique combination of power, performance, scalability and simplicity that AVENUES offers.

Our Present:

ASI's veteran developers each have more than 10 years of experience in Behavioral Healthcare Software products. We also have very skilled webmasters and solid associations with some of the most capable MCSEs and CNEs. As a result, ASI is able to provide everything our clients need to adapt to the constantly changing requirements of Healthcare and to maintain a competitive edge within the Healthcare Market.

Our Future:

ASI is committed to making the vision of robust, flexible, and enduring Behavioral Healthcare applications a reality. However, we recognize that the technology we depend upon and healthcare standards that govern our industry are rapidly changing. Therefore we need to be certain that our past and present tools will continue to thrive in the future. We will continue to invest in understanding how new and innovative technology can best serve our clients' needs.


Building successful relationships with our clients based upon trust has always been one of our highest priorities and essential to our success. Tomorrow, next year, and beyond will be no different. AVENUES hugs the road to success.


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