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  • Contact Management system for Referral tracking and rating

  • Admission, Discharge, and Transfer status

  • Multiple program registration

  • Assessments with copy forward options from previous/other discipline assessments

  • Treatment plan orientated Psychotherapy notes

  • Treatment Notes

  • Treatment plan oriented Progress notes

  • Treatment plan oriented Group notes with multiple client group attendance entry

  • Special Precautions checklist.

  • Discharge summaries with automatic, editable summary of treatment

  • Spell checker and Thesaurus

  • Seamlessly integrated with AVENUES™ financial and resource utilization systems

  • Role-based client security – restricted to team level and specific clients

  • Complete historical client record Access Logs including user, type of access, date and time of access, length of access, and station

  • Client chart lockdown security – easily lock a chart to a select few users access

  • Window prompt level security

  • Electronic signatures including co-signatures and addendums

  • Patient electronic signature capture with Topaz signature pads.

  • Protected signed documents

  • News alert tags

  • Behavioral intervention and special treatment tags

  • Client Chart Viewer allows staff to easily navigate and review the client’s entire chart with various sort options and time slice options 

  • Documentation compliance audit

  • Documentation workflow notifications




  • Inventory of the client’s strengths and disabilities, problems/care needs, short and long term goals, and treatment modalities

  • Substantiated diagnosis including all five axes

  • Documentation of the treatment and rehabilitation activities

  • Treatment plan problem, objectives, and intervention databank

  • Discharge Planning including Living, Educational, Vocational and Treatment plans

  • Initial, Continued and Extended Stay reviews 




  • Physician’s clinical and medication orders and scripts

  • Medication order and treatment order protocols which allow the user to quickly and accurately select groups of orders.

  • Order and Transcription rights profiles

  • Electronic Medication Administration Record

  • Electronic Medication Monitoring Record

  • 30 day MAR and history reports

  • Optional drug database subscription which includes:

Drug file – generic and brand name medications with dose and route

Drug Therapy Monitoring System – interaction screening

Duplicate Therapy Database – duplicate therapy screening

Drug Dosing & Administration Database- client specific and neonatal dosing

Drug Indications Database – drug indications for use

Precautions Database – precaution screening

Medication Order Management Database-dosing instructions

Medical Conditions Database – medication dictionary file for databases

Medical Conditions Cross Reference database

Integrated MedFacts Module – client teaching monographs



(An optional module that requires additional fees.)

  • Service driven billing

  • Census driven and Group Attendance Billing (per-diem)

  • Schedule driven Billing

  • Concurrent and Secondary billing

  • Multiple diagnoses formats including ICD-9, ICD-10 and DSM IV

  • Submit Electronic Claims including ANSI 837I and ANSI 837P format.

  • Import Electronic Remittance Advice including ANSI 835 format

  • Print Claims including UB-04 and CMS1500 formats

  • Invoice Printing for contract services

  • Track accounts receivables including reimbursements, adjustments, and client payments.  

  • Collections Management

  • Automatic contractual adjustment posting

  • Posting and accounts receivables aging reports.

  • Export AR transactions to most G/L systems.  


Alternatively, we can interface with existing Billing system.



  • Internal communication system, which includes Clinical Mail and News Viewer, improves the efficiency of staff communication while maintaining the security of the client information.  

  • Task manager tracks incomplete documents for a provider and allows other documents to be scheduled for completion

  • Alert Manager and Instant Messenger automatically notifies all appropriate staff of significant events: For example, prescriptions that are greater than 25 days, unsigned doctor’s orders approaching 24 hours old, staff with more than 10 past due records/tasks in their task list, or clients with 10 or more special treatment interventions in one month.

  • Clinical Dashboard allows users to access the communication system, task manager, alerts and event tracers from a single form.  Event tracers allow the user to trace an event through the client’s record.  

  • Whiteboard – bed tracking system including treatment team, client alerts and room assignment.

  • Census Dashboard – census management tracking including pending discharges and admissions.




  • Easy access to AVENUES™’ relational database including client data, notes, billing, accounts receivable, and resources

  • Performance measurement systems allows you to create clinical and financial report cards that can evaluate and track any number in your system from percent of clients satisfied with treatment to average daily census




  • Schedule Dashboard

  • Client and Staff Scheduler

  • Staff Schedule Templates

  • Single and Recurring Appointments

  • Available Resource Search

  • Client Text/Email Appt Reminders

  • Client Telephone voice reminders via Televox


Mobile Documentation – AVENUES TRAVELER™ (An optional module that requires additional fees.)

  • Client Demographics: Displays current information and allows edits and modifications discovered during a field visit. These changes are then synchronized with the electronic record based on time stamp.

  • Service Entry: Remote staff can enter services and progress notes.

  • Sign Records: Remote staff can sign, cosign and complete notes sent to their online task baskets. 

  • Chart: The client’s entire chart is available for review as privileges permit. The remote user selects which clients to download to their remote system by their case list, user-defined client list, or unit. Full client security is in effect on the remote users system.

  • Treatment Planning: AVENUES TRAVELER™ includes comprehensive treatment planning capabilities.

  • Updates: AVENUES TRAVELER™ automatically synchronizes application changes when the remote user uploads information to the server including code table changes, reports changes, form changes, and program changes.

  • AVENUES Traveler modules include: Chart (Entry and View), Treatment Plan (Entry and View), and Medical Orders and Scripts (View only).  Referral, Finance, Outcomes, and Education modules are excluded from the Traveler product.


School Management System

  • Individualized Education Plan

  • Class Roster

  • Grade Book

  • Course Schedules

  • Discipline actions

  • Student Attendance records

  • Report Cards

  • Transcripts

  • Related Service Authorizations and Log



  • Employee data

  • Job Descriptions

  • Staff Credentialing

  • Staff Training

  • Staff Supervision

  • Staff evaluation including age related competencies

  • Staffing analysis including turnover and diversity report



  • Incident reports

  • Supervisory incident processing

  • Incident trend analysis

  • Root cause analysis for sentinel and near misses

  • Environment of care and infection control walkthrough checklists

  • Equipment inspections and work order system



  • Custom Form wizard that assists Application Administrators in the creation of new forms including progress notes, treatment notes, and discharge summaries.




  • AVENUES™ will be modified and enhanced accordingly to comply with customer requests needed for changes in laws and regulations, including but not limited to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), The Joint Commission, Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), Department of Children and Families (DCF), Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The enhanced versions will be released to licensees.

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