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Behavioral Health electronic health record systems

Behavioral Health electronic health record systems (EHRs) provide advanced technological benefits:


Structured, easy-to-read documentation

Improved workflow processing

Increased operating efficiencies

Enhanced level of service of care

Better evidence with which to make more informed decisions and support fast reimbursements.

Effective management of the process of billing, collection, and accounts receivable

Online capabilities supporting continuous quality improvement and effective clinical and administrative management.



What makes AVENUES exceptional?


Unquestionable Control: We offer unmatched service and flexibility to "do it your way." We put you in the driver's seat of your product development.


Unrivaled Efficiency: Relatively no down time for database changes.


Refined, but flexible product: Ease of customization - no programming experience is required to develop forms, reports, and database. All are handled by a wizard-based graphical user interface (GUI).


Complete Connections: A communication system enabling better patient care and decreased incidents including:

Client Console

Clinical Dashboard

Outcomes Measurement Dashboard


Workflow management


Comfortable Management: Database requires an average of less than one hour of maintenance per month.


Durable Architecture: Flexible development tools and constant research for the ever-changing behavioral healthcare industry.


Surprisingly Affordable: Flexible payment plans available


The Ultimate Amenity - Peace of Mind: Unparalleled support when you need it most - AFTER the sale.

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